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What are the magicians saying..

"John Zander's "MIXED BAG" lecture on stage, close-up and comedy magic is loaded with practical routines which are very professional and easy to learn. John performs and explains 14 effects using ropes, cards, balls, a unique comedy floating ball concept, chop cups, a great ESP effect and a fantastic sucker effect using a fork and a spoon. Additionally, John's lecture includes a "Bonus Section" consisting of 6 additional comedy effects. All of his routines are truly commercial but most important, they are entertaining."

John Fedco

"John put on a great lecture! Everything he did is practical magic for the real world. These effects play to both small and large audiences. One great thing about Johns magic is that the effects he did reset. Packs small plays big.If he lectures in your area be sure to check it out. I guarantee you'll come away with something that you can use"

Jason London

"I always think twice when I hear, 'There's something for everyone.' But with John's lecture, there really IS something for everyone, from the close-up/ walkaround performer, to the stand-up performer, to the balloon twister, to the juggler! See John before he vanishes!"

Mike Giusti

Great Lecture = Great Magic Show!! I've been a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for 53 years. I'm a Charter Life Member of the Magic Castle. I was Stage Manager for Milt Larsen's "It's Magic" shows for 18 years. I was Stage Manager for "Mr. Electric" (Marvyn and Carol Roy).

I have seen a lot of Magic Performances and Lectures. When I was watching your Lecture on January 18, 2003, at the IBM Ring 96, I realized that I was watching more than a great Lecture, I was watching a great Magic Show!


I thought, "I've paid more than the cost of this Lecture for Magic Shows and I was

watching a great Entertaining Magic Show plus it was a well planned Lecture!"

The strength of the Lecture was how every move had been honed to it's simplest form performed in natural actions and explained in every detail. I loved it!!! Thanks!
Gary Grayson

I have been a performing magician for over 50 years and have seen numerous lectures during that period. Yours was a real standout. All the effects you presented would be valuable additions to any act. Your presentation and your explanations were totally professional, clear and delightfully funny. I wish more people could see you: a total Pro. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

David A. Moore

IBM RING 21 JAN MEETING 2004 028.jpg

"Good solid material. Some new twists on classics & explanations are understandable to even the newest people while not talking down to the more experienced."
Jeff Marcus

Wow, John! Thanks so much for a truly delightful evening!

As a Ring President, it's not always easy to find a lecture that's pleasing to everyone, but your lecture certainly fits the bill. There was something for every level of magical entertainer! In fact, I received many more than the standard amount of positive responses.

One of the most attractive components of your lecture is the variety of
effects you present. Each is well thought out and within anyone's grasp to master. They're easy-to-learn, commercial in appeal and just plain fun to perform. Your magic is undeniably honed from a seasoned pro's perspective.

For anyone organization wishing to host your lecture, I give my highest recommendation. Simply put -- it's better than advertised! You will not be disappointed!
Tim Mannix

President, IBM Ring 21